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Payment service method

Cash on delivery

7-11. The whole family and Black Cat provide cash on delivery

credit card payment

You can choose "Credit Card Payment" in the payment method to pay by credit card

ATM virtual code payment

After the order is established, the system will issue a set of payment codes for remittance

Please complete the transfer at a physical/network ATM within 3 days

After the payment is completed, the system will notify you by e-mail to confirm the transfer result

Reminder: This account number cannot be entered in the bank's remittance system. The transfer can only be completed through ATM. As long as the transfer is completed within the payment period and the account number and amount are correct, the system will automatically correspond to the order!

Swipe online

Visa / MasterCard / JCB

ATM payment (within 3 days)

Online ATM / Physical ATM

Super business payment (within 7 days)

Super business code payment

Cash on delivery

When the goods are delivered to the home, the recipient pays the cost of the product in cash

Payment FAQ:

1. What payment methods are currently available?

Currently, WEB ATM, "7-11 Convenience Store Payment", "Family Family Convenience Store Payment", "Credit Card", "Cash on Delivery" and other checkout methods are available.

2. How do I know if my payment is successful?

After logging in as a member, please click on the "Member Center" option and click on "Shopping Records" to check the status of your order.

3. Is it safe to swipe online?

The company provides four types of cards: VISA, Master, JCB and joint charge card, and adopts the same level of SSL128 encryption mechanism as the bank, which can best protect the transmission security of your personal data. When you swipe the card, it will be sent to the bank in a garbled form. For authentication and authorization, the company will not keep your card number, please feel free to pay.

4. Why does online credit card fail?

The reasons for the failure of online card swiping may be:

(1) Your card-issuing bank system is busy or network data is congested, and the waiting time for swiping the card is too long, causing system confirmation failure.

(2) The card number information you entered is incorrect, including the incorrect information you entered, the card number has expired, the card has not been opened, or the validity period is incorrect.

(3) Your credit card limit is full, please contact the issuing bank to increase the limit.

(4) You have just paid the card fee, but the bank has not yet entered the account. The bank will temporarily restrict online card swiping.

(5) If you do not want to use the VISA 3D verification function, it is recommended that you use a Master card or other cards instead.


※ Pifengli reminds you that we will never proactively notify members to change the payment terms of the original order, or go to the ATM to set up personal information.

If you receive a caller ID using the name of Pifengli, customer service hotline, company representative number, request to change payment terms or ATM re-transfer, etc., please ignore the call!


If you receive an unclear and suspicious call or text message and make the above request, please write to customer service XXXXXXX@XXXXXXX or check with the police department’s anti-fraud hotline 165 as soon as possible.